Executive Summary:

DeliveRx is a prescription delivery service that brings your prescription medicine right to your doorstep. This service aims to eliminate the need for in-person pick-up, saving you time, and keeping you safe at home. We want to make sure you can trust us with your data. That’s why we use Blockchain for end-to-end delivery, and combined with facial recognition for easy ID and location verification. We assure you get the correct item, at the right time.

Sales Line Pitch:

“Getting what you need shouldn’t be difficult. DeliveRx: a face that you can trust.”


During ideation, we wanted to make sure we provide a social good that can be worthwhile to implement for any company to save consumers time and avoid unnecessary trips for the medicine they need. To start, you can open the app, and create your initial order for the prescription that you got. For easy ordering, we implemented facial recognition natively from your phone, keeping your data on device, and never leaving. Once we get a match with our database, your following orders will be as easy as ‘order with FaceID’. The system will check, in real-time, our records to make sure they match what your doctor had prescribed. The order is then sent to the nearest pharmacy, and we will coordinate for it to be delivered when you are home. To ensure that you, and not any others, are the person receiving the order, the delivery driver will only deliver the package to location if you are within the address radius of the face ID verification, dependent on estate size, specified in the app registration as your current location.

In case you have to leave your location at the time of delivery, you don’t have to worry, the app will give you the option to make the delivery, with additional face ID verification, when you are in a location suitable for delivery, to avoid possible tampering or stealing of your prescription and to verify the correct customer is at the location specified to receive the package. As an additional step, we added a seal of trust to the bottling, that if tampered with, will display a different color. If this happens, we will coordinate a fast turn around time to provide you with a good product with the delivery service. Humans have flaws, so blockchain will be the main driver for the system to check on its own when an order has been tampered with or when errors happen. This way the system knows how to react to provide the best service, as soon as it happens.

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