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Problem Current issues with the conventional postal service 1a. Shipping Speeds Shipping speeds of international countries to the United States often take longer periods of time. Shipping speed from countries like China can often take 7-70 days depending on form of transportation requested [1]. Often times, buying from a third party website like Aliexpress or Taobao can result in shipping speeds of months if the user selects the default shipping option. This is done in order to reduce costs, and to offer ‘free shipping’ to the user.

Sending from the United States to China often results in faster shipping, but increased costs. Based of an estimate from ParcelMonkey, sending a 10lb package to China with DHL eCommerce costs $69.92. The most expensive option is $146.14 with an estimated 1-6 business days of delivery compared to 11-22 business days with the lowest cost.

1b. Shipping Costs To send a single pound (excluding dimensions) through DHL eCommerce costs $26.49 [2]. Recent prices of international shipping have been increasing as well [3]. USPS plans to increase the flat price of US to Canada shipping from 1lb / $15.20 to 1lb / $16.39. As international couriers increase their need to send packages globally, pressure for increasing prices force companies to raise prices.

1c. Unreliable tracking information With over hundreds of complaints already filed against Chinapost in 2019 so far, tracking information from international countries continues to become unreliable [4]. Rather than providing real time information, international couriers often resort to updating in increments. While some domestic couriers have somewhat real-time tracking, there is still no way to contact the courier directly.

Solution Process: Sender requests for package to be delivered with weight and dimensions to a recipient Traveler registers plane departure and destination alongside free storage in weight and dimensions Delivrr algorithmically matches the sender and traveler, allowing them to exchange contact information The sender and traveler contact each other and settle on a location to drop off the package The traveler boards their plane and arrives to their destination The recipient, already receiving an email and contact information about the traveler, meets up with the traveler

1a. Shipping Speeds Users sign up under our platform, and pick up packages on the day of, or the day before their departure. This would allow for shipping speeds to decrease from weeks to same-day or one-day shipping.

1b. Shipping Costs Delivrr aims at users already going on plane trips anyways. Instead, Delivrr allows for travelers for their trip to be subsidized through the platform.

Eg: United Airlines - Average United States to China $879

USPS Economy Tracked 25lb: $104 [5]

If a traveler only uses 2 bags with 25lb left over, they can match USPS’ price of $104 and subsidize their trip to $775 (excluding the bag fare they would have already paid for).

1c. Reliable tracking information Delivrr offers direct contact information to the traveler from both the sender’s and recipient’s perspective. Since Delivrr has information about the traveler’s plane, the web-app can display exact departure and arrival times. If any sudden delays or emergencies occur, Delivrr can facilitate the exchange of the package to another traveler arriving at the same destination.

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