The inspiration for my code is creating an app that focuses on rewards to drive sales to similar to GameStop PowerUp App. DeliveryUp provides new opportunities to engage customers with their latest rewards, increase store visits, and reduce the time it takes to purchase goods and services. DeliveryUp Rewards loyalty program is aimed to be’s driver of brand loyalty and market share growth.

With the growth of online and mobile retail channels, DeliveryUp Rewards Program uses a consumer facing mobile application to create unified, multi-channel customer experience Customers will understand their value proposition through a single experience on mobile while making it easy for customers to access the services they wanted.

Increase customer touch points throughout the buying process. From browsing products to purchasing the products, DeliveryUp customers make several decisions throughout the buying process. Providing mobile access to product details, point balance, nearby store locations, and product requests for pickup would improve the overall buying experience with

Drive awareness of promotions and brand DeliveryUp Rewards Program offers a variety of value added deals and promotions that customers want at their fingertips. Pushing the latest offers and making the rewards catalog easily accessible through the mobile app would increase visibility around the program’s value and provide on-the-go access to members so they can take advantage of the program’s promotions.

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