Due to COVID-19 and shelter-at-home restrain order, wanted to reduce the number to people visiting to store or use the pickup slots which will enable them to pick the items instead stepping all around the stores and pickup.

What it does

This bot is designed to ping the retailer with the members details every minute and once the slot is available, either we can choose computer beep or email functionality.

How I built it

This is build purely on node.js

Challenges I ran into

Recently upgraded the macOs to Catalina, which gave lot of issues related to running the program in sandbox. Found a way to authorize these changes in mac. Some of the retailers site has unescaped data, so found a way to escape it(json) and

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

If am able to stop one person from going to store and stay-at-home this project is considered as a success for me.

What I learned

Technology can be used in more constructive way for mankind with a pinch for kindness.

What's next for DeliveryFinderBot

Wanted this to be used for more retailers, wanted a way to host this in cloud so that in future customer can enroll for this and they can manage it themself.

Built With

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