How many services are out there that allow alcohol to be delivered to your doorstep or better yet, to a friend's doorstep. DeliveryApp, allows you to connect with your friends and connect with them in an innovative and fun way. We are targeting all users over the age of 21 and older and individuals looking to connect with their friends in a different way.

Some of the key features of DeliveryApp consists of:

  • Sending your friends' drinks
  • A cross platform integration via IOS, Android, and Web App
  • Image recognition of alcohol bottles
  • Secure login/signup
  • Use GeoLocation to pinpoint your delivery address
  • Search local merchants by local address
  • Your choice of delivery or pickup
  • Updates of delivery ETA via Interactive Intelligence API
  • Receive email confirmation via MailJet

Our Story

Today's society is entirely dependent on social media for connections. We wanted to create an unique way to connect with friends and share good times.

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