DeliveryAngels wants to create a mutual helping system, that is able to survive even in outbreak situations. We aim to target local communities, by creating an intuitive solution for small businesses, Big companies and big cities have surely the power and budget to counter-attack and tackle difficult situations, while small communities have less power, fewer people, hence fewer possibilities to stay afloat.

What it does

It gives the opportunity to all the small businesses in a single community, to take advantage of home-delivery services provided by DeliveryAngels volunteers.

DeliveryAngels works as a platform to combine local businesses (local bakeries, drug stores, pharmacy, grocery stores, post-office, etc) with delivery volunteers, who give their availability to collect the goods from the retailer and deliver them directly at the Citizen's home. DeliveryAngels is a free service for the elderly and people with special needs, while it comes with a small fee for all the others. With DeliveryAngels, small businesses will have the possibility to keep their activities while in Emergency, by offering customized delivery solutions without having to invest in new technologies, nor manpower.

Operating Steps:

1) A citizen who needs to buy some groceries calls directly the Grocery Store; 2) The Grocery Store collects the order and delivery information; 3) The Grocery Store, through DeliveryAngels App, release a notification, saying that there's an order ready to be collected for, to be delivered at xxx, at the time xxx; 4) A DeliveryAngel, who has turned ON his/her availability on the App, picks up the request, and collects the goods from the Grocery Store; 5) DeliveryAngel reaches the destination, delivers the goods to the Citizen; 6) The Grocery Store rates the DeliveryAngel;

How I built it

App like Uber

Challenges I ran into

1) Privacy issues; 2) Securing payments; 3) Securing trust and controlling liabilities from DeliveryAngels;

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Teamwork was brilliant because this App has an impressive social impact; all our members were driven by a strong community-building-improving purpose.

What I learned

A new way to approach social businesses.

What's next for DeliveryAngels

Become the main European volunteer's platform.

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