we were inspired by the way online shopping is becoming more and more valuable to the human race . how it make it easier for online shoppers to buy goods at the comfort of there home.

what the game does is it deliver goods to a specific client

How we built it

we build it using HTML 5 which is more of a Venilla Javascript

Challenges we ran into

we ran into so many challenges like uploading the picture of the delivery man in the DOM . its very challenging and we have to learn HTML5 FROM scratch

Accomplishments that we're proud of

we are very proud to see that finally we have made the game work after a lot of research and sleepless night

What we learned

we have learn HTML5 ,how canvas works and this also make us a better javascript coders

What's next for Delivery Man

we have a lot to add as a features to the game .going as far as making it a game that can be enjoy on different operating system

Built With

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