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Read of a woman who called police pretending to order pizza, and we thought that could be a useful take on domestic abuse.

What it does

Covers as an app that finds delivery places near the user, and actually will search Google Maps for them if that is selected. However, if you know the true purpose of the app, through word of mouth or app description, it brings you to a page hidden deep within the app with information for people in a domestic abuse relationship or situation. There are choices to call 911 or the National Hotline for Women's Safety (one click with bring you to the phone app with the number already entered), a quiz to see if you're in an abusive relationship (a lot of people don't want to admit it to themselves), a transportation services request page, a page for what your rights are as a victim, a Google Maps search of hospitals near you, and more. The apps initial purpose was only to alert the authorities in an immediate situation, after talking it through we made it not only that but also an app for people to continuously find information without a trace. Another feature to the app was its ability to turn on a notification that stays in your notification bar as long as turned on. When the notification is clicked it automatically brings you to a journal to keep record of any and all abuse incidents. Not only does this feature aid in evidence, but also a lot of people don't think they're in an "abusive relationship". They think that it doesn't happen that often, or that since the abuser apologized they won't do it again. With this journal they will be able to clearly see a chronological record of all past incidents and hopefully come to the realization that they deserve better.

Challenges we ran into

Incorporating the Google Maps API and opening all web browsers within the app to eliminate the need to close out tabs and delete browser history.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Creating an app that contacts the police and gets information to victims of domestic violence discretely.

What we learned

How to use Android-Studio, to an extent.

What's next for Delivery Help App

Better graphics. Make code more efficient. Connect for use of Uber or Lyft (and other ridesharing companies). “Safehouse” setup: allows the user to input an address, upon downloading the app, they want to be brought to that their abuser is unaware of. Upload it to the app/play store.

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