We were inspired by Amazon Prime Air.

What it does

Our car does personal delivery service, letting users input the locations for the recipients to deliver a variety of products in an easy and convenient way. Our car can be used for delivery of meals and retail products as well as delivery of medical supplies in rural countries.

How we built it

Using Google Maps API , we got the destination information from the user and got routing information to send to the car, using the Qualcomm Dragonboard to host our routing logic. The routing information is output in a JSON file which is sent serially line by line to the car bot. The car bot parses the information and based on that either goes straight or turns for the designated distance.

Challenges we ran into

Figuring out how to parse the lines of text in the Arduino Car, getting the right transistors and diodes, figuring out Google Maps API.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The Google maps API worked. We also successfully incorporated the Dragon Board.

What we learned

Bring food and coffee to the Hackathon!

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