I wanted to do something to help the environment. I'm always holding on to empty drink bottles because I don't want to throw out a recyclable, or holding on to trash for a long time because I can't find a garbage can on a stretch of city block, and I don't want to litter. This is where the idea for DeLitter came in.

What it does

This app opens to a map of your current location. It has radio buttons to choose between garbage cans (selected by default) and recycling bins. You can add a new location by tapping on the "+" button to add your current location, or long press on the map to add a custom location.

When adding a new location you have the opportunity to choose between trash and recycling, and to submit some text as necessary that may be helpful to others.

How I built it

This app was built using android studio, java, firebase realtime database, google map APIs.

Challenges I ran into

I wanted user authentication so that an admin user could delete locations if a trash can is removed at some point in the future, but I had trouble setting that up.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

This is my first complete android app, and I was able to get a few APIs tied in seamlessly.

What I learned

I learned how to integrate Google API into an android app and how to use a NoSQL database with a mobile application.

What's next for DeLitter

More types of receptacles (maybe batteries or plastic bags if there's a need for it) Edit/Delete location functionalities. Log in capabilities so the database isn't open to read/write by the entire world. Admin accounts. iPhone app / web application

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