On demand economy requires flexibility, speed and agility. Customer expectations of choice and immediacy have been raised by the service they get on e-commerce sites. Today, last mile delivery shippers expect same-day service, with 23% of them being prepared to pay extra for it. The DeliNet platform deliver the choice and immediacy that customers increasingly expect.

What it does

connect retail stores with local couriers and independent drivers to deliver products with real time tracking services and to connect “end customers” with local couriers for on demand pick up and delivery with real time tracking

How I built it

3 tiered transactional strategies: 1st, Business to Business (B2B); 2nd, Business to Partner (B2P) and Business to Consumer (B2C) The first is the merchants, the second the drivers and the third the end customers

The customer chooses from online shop and check if the order is eligible for same day delivery

  • The merchant receives the customer’s order and pack the order
  • Delivery request is sent to driver through DeliNet
  • The merchant shop has a special order app to manage the order/pick/delivery process) indicating the order is almost ready for pickup and delivery
  • DeliNet software application receives the request from the merchant then dispatches a driver within the closest proximity to the shop, and sends that driver a delivery request
  • The nearest driver receives delivery request, accepts the request, then proceeds to drive to the shop for pick up
  • DeliNet driver then picks up at shop and delivers to the customer
  • After that deliver order is confirmed

Challenges I ran into

  • Legal framework
  • Poor Infrastructure
  • Lack of visibility in last mile
  • Customers expectations
  • Transparency

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The DeliNet platform will offer sustainable and reliable technology driven logistics services to help customers achieve their “on demand” needs. In the same time, unemployment rate and reduction of carbon footprint in the cities will be reduced

What I learned

I learned that sometimes bad situations and events could bring big opportunities. If there wasn't the COVID-19 we won't have realized the need of digitalization in our lifes. COVID-19 will change the way the world does business for good. The Businesses will be forced to rethink their global value chains, shaped to maximise efficiency and profits.

What's next for DeliNet

  • Find funds for investment
  • Establish a start up company
  • Run a pilot project in Thessaloniki city

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