Current process of booking and finding flight tickets is too long and inflexible.

What it does

We redesign process of searching flights and advertising flights so that they are more personalized and uses user preferences and interests.

How we built it

With the use of collected information a database of cities and their noticeable tags can be created. This database can be then used to find places that a person might find the most interesting. People tend to prefer cheaper ways of transportation that's why we suggest them the cheapest available flights to the places they like the most.

What's next for Delightful Booking

Gathering information about user preferences should be done in order to personalize the search of flights for them. With a variety of sources of information about a user this task can be achieved with ease. Crawling the information about cities will allow to build a huge database of keywords and associations for cities around the world. Using the gathered information users will be then provided with the flight booking offers they might be looking for.

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