Anyone who likes to buy or sell products must try DeliBird. DeliBird is a two way iOS product that allows users to either buy or sell items. For those who want to sell products DeliBird offers a easily useable and editable lists for your items. It also has SMS integration that can help you spread the word about the products you want to sell. Most importantly forget about spending money on a software engineer for a mobile app to go with your business, DeliBird is absolutely free. For those who are looking to buy products this may be the best app yet. Not only does it allow you to keep a favorite list of your awesome merchants but also allows you to visually see where they are at during any time of their working day with the multi GPS capabilities. If you are on the look for general categorical products you are able to select categories and if any sellers come near your area meeting those criteria DeliBird will let you know immediately. For both buyers and sellers, payment also got easier with integrated payment via either Venmo or PayPal. If neither of those fit you do not worry DeliBird uses to let you easily take a picture of your credit cards so you do not need to enter any payment information. Don't even worry about security DeliBird comes equipped with Apple's touchID to make sure no one can mess with your app. Whether your a girl scout trying to sell cookies, food lovers chasing after their favorite food trucks, item collectors trying to complete their card set, or even those who want to spread word about their garage sale. DeliBird is there for you.

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