Ethereum is at its best as a coordination layer.  

Sadly, our tools for coordination are underdeveloped.

  We need to create a new class of tool to help us experiment with many types of intelligence strategy as quickly as we possibly can. 

  Our goal is to create a tool to help us rapidly evolve our coordinated intelligence.

  We've taken cues from research in AI to create a framework in which teams coordinate around a game environment. By focusing the teams on a clear set of rewards (winning the game), teams should be able to quickly test many different practical methods for coordinating intelligence. Winning strategies should be adapted for use by other teams; losing strategies should be revised or discarded.

  Our framework provides:   - A neutral state channel, powered by Counterfactual framework, which provides a mechanism to ensure that games are conducted according to their rules, and can also store stakes submitted by either team.  - An API into an abstract game environment. Governance decisions created in our UI or in an external app are sent both to our state channel and the game engine.  - An interface for teams to organize in, find & create games, and display past results.  - A basic toolkit for intelligence coordination, with multiple choices for participation, decision making mechanisms, and nomination procedures.

Our expectation is that teams that can create winning records with high efficiency will have optimized their decision making process, and that learnings from winning strategies can be applied to real world problems with symmetry to the games in question.  

For example, governing a bot that plays StarCraft by setting strategic parameters is similar to funding a development team and setting parameters around project management. Both are problems of resource management; in the case of the team, it is too much effort for a team to manually direct each unit (a task a bot is ideally suited for), just like a fund manager will want to set directional parameters around project KPIs.  

Ultimately, we hope to see this project as a practical framework to help advance the study of decision making economics. Token based voting schemes and the ability to incent specific actions that have emerged alongside Ethereum allow us the ability to study a new resolution of detail in behavioral economics.

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