As college students, in between classes we often go to deli's. They meet our budgets and are convenient to get to. However, one thing that we noticed is that although many restaurants are rated, there is no way of gauging if a deli around our school is good. We looked on yelp and google maps and couldn't even find accurate information on delis around us. Even more, we noticed that for all cheaper, popular food spots in our area - like our local Halal cart - there was no ratings. We decided that it's time to revolutionize the food rating system.

What it does

Deli Hero is a user-based rating system for food carts, snack bars, and deli's in NYC.

How we built it

Deli Hero is a react-application built using React, JavaScript, Firebase, HTML, CSS, Node.js, Bootstrap, React Router, and the Google Maps API.

Challenges we ran into

Gap between knowledge of web-development technologies. Of our original team of five, two of our teammates had to drop out of the hackathon because of personal reasons.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Of the three teammates left, two of our teammates came in having no knowledge of web development. Through creating this web application they were able to really nail the basics of React and even create their own components.

What's next for Deli Heroes

In future iterations we hope on creating this into a mobile application.

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