Our original project idea was , a webapp for inviting friends to individual rooms to access and edit queues of songs played through spotify. But Spotify doesn't really like people serving out their music all willy nilly. And also their web player embed has no events. So at actually 4am this morning, what was left of our team built delete-this-site, a bombshell of an idea.

What it does

If you pay a dollar, the site deletes itself. First one to do it deletes our entire project, :(

How I built it

Same way they built the pyramids

Challenges I ran into

Spotify API makes me want to pay $1 to delete spotify. Firestore API makes me want to pay $0 to delete firestore. Also git >:(

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I made a fully functioning search dropdown menu for with spotify API! And some of the UI looked nice on (don't look at it now it hasn't deployed in a while she's still trying)

What I learned

Making money is easy

What's next for Delete this site

Absolutely nothing

Built With

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