We aim at designing an online app for a more efficient delivery of essentials (food and medicine) to vulnerable people who cannot travel outside during the COVID-19 outbreak. Essentials would be collected from local pharmacies and grocery stores within reasonable vicinity, where the app would also convey updates on the supplies of essentials.

Our app would closely resemble to the functionalities of delivery software systems such as Uber and Deliveroo, where it would match the requests for essentials from vulnerable people to the availability of volunteers willing to deliver them and that of the shop supplies. It will make use of local government to determine who registers as vulnerable people to ensure fairness and safety. This app would hold key information of these users such as the residential addresses of the vulnerable people and the volunteers as well as providing options to the volunteers with their choice of covering geographic areas and days available to help.

The feasibility of the business is certified via the free-of-charge contactless delivery of the essentials. The incentives offered to the delivery people through virtual coins are guaranteed grace to key partnership and sponsorship. Our app ensures safe monetary transactions via cryptography as well as GDPR compliance to protect our users’ identity and sensitive info. We can quantify positive impact through app on the financial area, adding revenues to local groceries, health or social domain due to the convenience of e-commerce.

This way, the app can help vulnerable people obtain essentials they need without travelling outside based on the resources available as an approach to curb the spread of COVID-19 by reducing individuals circulating the community.

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