College students can have a hard time dealing with school and life. So we built this small web app to help them stay positive!

What it does

This is Delectare (latin for Delight)! By clicking the "Get Inspired!" button, it shows a bunch of quotes (some spoken by well know people) that help motivate the user.

How I built it

HTML, CSS, and Javascript NodeJS was used to deploy the app as a web server

Challenges I ran into

Centering the buttons was a little of challenge, especiallly since it it was going to move (based on an click event) css3 animations were a bother too, but luckily w3schools and StackOverflow helped

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

It looks really beautiful, desktop or mobile!

What I learned

The hackathon environment and us working as a team for a project like this!

What's next for Delectare

We will add more quotes and add more effects for the site to look attractive and use easily

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