Minds+Machine Delay Hunter Application

The Minds+Machine Delay Hunter Application is an application developed to alert engineers when a manufacturing job is going to drift the production schedule, due to a machine breakdown or unexpected problems, and help them to reschedule jobs to minimize finished product assembly and shipping.

Why should I use it? What IMPACT can it do and how does it create business value?

Being able to identify delays in clients production line.

What does it do?

The application analyzes manufacturing data from Stelia, calculates delays, delay probabilities and the impact of a single job to the overall delivery. If the affected job disrupts (or will disrupt) the schedule too much, workers and engineers are alerted to let them fix the machine and reduce production delays.

How does it do that?

The application uses several Predix components to achieve its goals:

PostgreSql database

The database instance lets us cache data for the frontend. Saving already computed results in the database also enables us to leverage context/out-of-band manufacturing data to provide custom analyses that cannot be performed only with the Time Series service and custom or ready-made Analytics.

There are several UI components available for use, created by GE Digital. These components -written in Javascript using the Polymer library- helps frontend developers to create applications faster with tested and trusted plugins and let them concentrate on their clients' problems.

Custom backend and frontend

To let users access and interact with delay forecasts and alerts, we created a custom application, splitted between Java backend and node.js express-based frontend applications.

The backend activates the custom analytics and caches the result to be served to the frontend on REST endpoints via HTTPS.

The frontend requests the delay data from the backend and shows them to the users.

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