In spite of our best intentions, we are always running late.

Being late to meet other people, however, can be a socially awkward and stressful situation, because you feel bad for wasting other people's time, and yet can't do anything about it.

Oh, and if you're driving, stuck in between 8 million people on a bus, in another meeting and can't easily text? Then you run the chance of not even telling your friend that you're late.

Delayed lets you notify friends, client and co-workers that you'll be running late in 2 taps by integrating with your calendar and contacts. We automatically select the person you'll be late meeting based on who's on your calendar invite. Last tap gives you an option to send them coffee!

Your friend gets a text telling them how late you'll be, and an offer via Venmo to grab a drink while they wait.

We are most proud of going beyond just communication alert, to relationship management, actually allowing you to (partially) make up for your delay!

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