We believe big change can be brought with effort of all. So we thought to create DKB which incentivize people via gamification and unite the all together to streamline city traffic

What it does

This channel incentivize Indore residents to be virtual traffic cops to help fix bad road traffic situation and in the process participate in various city level monthly competitions & get rewarded

DKB host 5 contests for residents to help improve traffic:

  1. Top violation reporter of month. (Rule violation reporting like traffic signal jump)
  2. Top alert reporter of month (Alert like accidents, pit holes on road, livestock on main road)
  3. Top rule follower of the month (Person who report most rule followed cases. Like wearing helmet daily)
  4. Top Driver of the month (Driving behaviour analysis based on openXC commands captured via DKB Android app)
  5. Top referrer to people who invite most people on DKB platform to help improve Indore Traffic

Active Indore residents can use this channel to shout out about key happenings which affect the road traffic. Happenings could be:

  • Bad like traffic rule violation done by someone or incident like accident which adversely affect road traffic of city
  • Good like someone actively following some traffic rule and spreading awareness All reported events will go to area validators who will validate the event & it's severity and subsequently based on it system will calculate points, rank and change leaderboard status of participant

Additionally Residents can download DKB Mobile (Android) app to participate in best driver competition. DKB Mobile app leverages Vehicle Interface commands from Ford OpenXC/OBD2 devices to capture vehicle commands like vehicle speed, high beam status while resident is driving the vehicle and rank him/her based on driving behavior

System will constantly calculate points of all reported events & driving behavior to rank participating Indore residents on Leaderboard.

Rewards: At the end of the month (T&C*)

  • Top 3 ranked participants for each category will feature as toppers on Posters/Hoardings in prime Indore area/square
  • Interview of top ranked participant for each category will be published in local news channels
  • Holiday/Dinner packages for family for top ranked participant of each category

How we built it

  1. Leveraging Facebook Messenger bot channel for residents (No app needed + max reach) to help them report cases and participate in 4 of 5 DKB contests. Also to view traffic rules, leaderboard standings
  2. DKB platform server (Java Spring) to maintain all user, reported cases, game calculations, leaderboards, traffic rules etc. Also for analyzing openXC vehicle commands received to analyze driving behaviour of resident and rate him for Top Driver category
  3. Android app for resident for 5th contest only for people having DKB Android app & openXC
  4. Android app for validator role (traffic authority) to validate reported alert, violation etc. cases by residents
  5. Android app for admin to change traffic rules of city and notify (via FB Messenger) all users on DKB platform

Challenges we ran into

Too many features and creating video of it ran us into problem. So we may not be able to submit video or even if we submit it may not be very polished & in sync with steps within video

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  1. Maximum reach via latest FB Bot technology. As almost every one have FB Messenger app (No problem of marketing our app)
  2. Incentivizing people to unite for common cause
  3. Leveraging advance tech like openXC with behaviour analysis to motivating people to drive well and become top driver

What we learned

What's next for Dekh K Bhiyo

We need to integrate Big data system with captured vehicle commands for real time analytics and top driver leaderboard ranking

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