"Well, trying to get rid of all junk is the whole thing, in other meaning junks inspired us!" -Tedj

"I'm trying to think twice and be more conscious of what I buy. Buying something that I would also use once is very wasteful." -Dayana

"I want to save the world, by cleaning up the environment." -Sai

What it does

DeJunk allows users to list all of the items that they would want to get rid of with us. Users get a total of the approximate credit they would get in exchange for their items. The users drop off their items at DeJunk drop-off centers, where their items would get validated. After validation, the users would then receive their credit officially.

How we built it

We first started off with creating a prototype for our web application by using Adobe XD and Adobe Photoshop. We then implemented what we had on our prototype on In order to learn how to use we had to do a tutorial for the website, as there is a learning curve. Sai developed the DeJunk web app!

Challenges we ran into

One of our challenges was that a team member dropped out of the Hackathon with out letting us know. We had to split up his assignment amongst the group members last minute.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Dayana: I'm really proud of being able to create a full prototype for the DeJunk project, as this is the first time I'm using Adobe XD.

Tedj: I've never thought I can be called a designer before.

Sai: Designing a website without coding.

What we learned

We learned that time management is important, as well as checking in with everyones status with their assignments. With having a team-member drop out unexpectedly, we learned to work swiftly and break up their assignment with the existing team members.

We also learned to work with new technologies. Our whole group completed tutorials on Sai was able to fully developed the web app with the prototype we created. Dayana learned how to create a prototype for DeJunk using Adobe XD. Tedj learned how to use Adobe Photoshop in order to create the graphics displayed in the prototype.

What's next for DeJunk

The next steps for DeJunk would be to host locations that have drop-off centers, as well as getting in touch with third-party services that would buy the items we obtain.

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