Parents of 20 000 children with disabilties in Croatia don’t have skills to take over the role of the teachers during distance schooling. At the same time, every 3rd teacher in Croatia reported on needing additional support for working with children with disabilities during distance schooling. To make sure children with disabilities are learning during the pandemic, we have decided to support parents and teachers by development of a training on learning with children with disabilities via a chatbot called Dejana.

What it does

Dejana gives parents and teachers expert advice on learning by a disability. It covers all disability categories listed in the national Guidelines on Primary and Secondary Education of Students with Disabilities. Dejana is at parents' and teachers' service any time of the day.

How I built it

We have built the MVP through a chatbot business platform

Challenges I ran into

The most challenging parts were:

  • creating a conversation scenario, due to peculiarities of every disability
  • creating a business model
  • creating a video

What I learned

  • about chatbots
  • about business model development
  • about inclusive education
  • about concept development
  • about hackathons
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