I am a junior and thinking about colleges and jobs has been tough and stressful, even though it's supposed to be a sign of independence and change. Many of my classmates have the same struggles when considering what they want to pursue in the future. Thus, I wanted to create an app to make the lives of students slightly easier and less stressful.

What it does

Degreebee helps students explore various majors, allowing them to find jobs related to a major, discover colleges that offer the major, and connect with those who have experience or expertise in that major. Essentially, it composites all this useful information in a friendly user interface.

How I built it

I started with the Android app, using many online tutorials. I basically learned Android by coding this project. The process was very tough, but I managed to survive. Then, I programmed a website to introduce the app, providing visuals to walkthrough the app.

Challenges I ran into

I had trouble figuring out how I would store the information, as the database is essential to the app. I also had great trouble making the app have a consistent user interface, as Android had many presets that I had to override just to customize the app. As for the website, I had trouble formatting the slideshow of app screenshots as they had to fit in different sizes.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I am proud of everything to be honest. However, customizing the fonts and the user interface has to be my favorite as I really want our app to give off a different impression that other similar apps. It is also very unthinkable how I managed to finish the Android app and the website.

What I learned

I learned the aspects to building a coherent Android app, as I had to edit all sorts of files and learn the origins of various functions in order to finish the app. I also learned how to integrate the SQLite database into the Android app and how to dynamically add data. Furthermore, I learned how to build custom classes to override the functions of existing Android components. There were various other smaller things I learned that were also very useful.

What's next for degreebee

I want to add more information, since detailed, comprehensive information is what will be most useful to students. In addition, I want to make an iOS app in order to make the app more accessible. For these next steps, I will need a larger team, as it requires a lot of work to enter lots of data. Then, hopefully the apps can be published on the app store.

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