We wanted to build an application that would make university students lives less stressful. A common issue we heard about from students is navigating changes to their degree, whether it be courses, modules, or the entire degree itself. Students would have to go through multiple sources to figure out how to keep their degree on track. We thought it would be a lot more convenient to have a single website that allows you to do all this minus the stress.

What it does

Degree Planner is a web platform that allows students to plan out their degree and evaluate their options. Students can see a dynamic chart that lays out all the necessary courses for a specific program. Degree Planner has access to all courses offered by a student's university.

How we built it

We organized ourselves by creating user stories and assigning tasks using agile technology like Jira. As for the frontend, we chose to use React.js, Redux, Bootstrap, and Apache E-Charts. We used React.js because it has helped most of us produce stable code in the past, Redux for state management, Bootstrap for its grid and other built in classes, and E-Charts for data visualization.

In the backend we used Express.js, Node.js, MongoDB, and Redis. Express.js was an easy way to handle http requests to our server. Node.js was great for installing 3rd party modules for easier development. MongoDB, a NoSQL database might not be as robust as a SQL database, but we chose to use MongoDB because of Mongo Atlas, an online database that allowed all of us to share data. Redis was chosen because it was a great way to persist users after they have been authenticated.

Challenges we ran into

We were originally going to use an open source Western API that would get information on Western's courses/programs. However, 4 hours into the hacking, the API was down. We had to switch to another school's API.

E-Charts.js is great, because it has a lot of built-in data visualization functionality, but it was challenging to customize the chart relative to our page, because of this built-in functionality. We had to make our page around the chart instead of making the chart fit our page.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud that we managed to get a fully functioning application finished within a short time frame. We are also proud of our team members for trying their best, and helping each other out.

What we learned

Some of members who were less familiar with frontend and more familiar with backend learned frontend tricks, while some of our members who were less familiar with backend and more familiar with frontend learned some backend architecture.

It was really great to see how people went out of their comfort zones to grow as developers.

What's next for Degree Planner

We want to expand our website's scope to include multiple universities, including Western University. We also want to add more data visualization tools so that our site is even more user-friendly. Even though we completed a lot of features in less than 36 hours, we still wish that we had more time, because we were just starting to scratch the surface of our website's capabilities.

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