I took AP Human Geography this year. In that class, we often talked about sustainable development and how greater urbanization and demands for agriculture resulted in deforestation and the loss of natural environments. When I heard about this hackathon focusing on helping the environment, I knew I wanted to do something about protecting natural environments and stopping deforestation. I believe that video games can help bring awareness to topics and issues, and I wanted to test that notion with this hackathon.

What it does

My project is a game where you defend a forest of trees from invading lumberjacks, bulldozers, and fires. Throughout the game, you learn alarming facts about the current rate of deforestation that is occurring in the world. For example, we lose 48 American football fields of forestry per minute. This game was not mainly created for entertainment. It was instead created to enlightened people on how deforestation is destroying our world and to encourage them to take action to protect trees.

How we built it

I built the game entirely with Unity 2D. I found pixel-art sprites online and used them in my game.

Challenges we ran into

My lack of artistic abilities made this project difficult. All of the art and designs had to come from the internet, and it was very difficult to find websites that were willing to give well-made pixel art designs for free.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

I am very proud of how the game turned out. The finished product and gameplay look professional and do not have any bugs or glitches that completely ruin the experience. This was also the fastest I have created a game.

What we learned

I learned that I need to have more realistic goals for my next hackathon. I have not slept or taken a break from working on this project since this hackathon has started because I set too high expectations for myself.

What's next for Defy Deforestation

I will continue to polish Defy Deforestation and develop it into a full-fledged game that will be available for download on the App Store and Google Play. I truly believe that this game can bring great awareness to deforestation problems threatening our world, especially to young children.

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