Project Won 2nd Place at HackNC

We are an all-freshman team from University of North Carolina at Charlotte.We started out with an idea to help people keep their information safe from 3rd party threats for free. We then decided on what the back-end should do and created a website and themed it to look like the idea we first thought of.

Some Challenges we ran into were text boxes not being centered, python web server not being compatible with some html application. Since we ran into python flask issues we were not able to implement some other html files we created for the website.

We came up with the idea of doing a project that was cyber security related. The project you see here was created in 24 hours at HackNC. For front-end development we used mostly html5, css, jquery, and JavaScript. For the back-end we used python and flask. We also implemented a google maps API to explain why Cyber security is a top priority in today's world.

We are very proud of this project because everyone put in their best effort to make it fully functional. We learned how to play on each others strengths and how to communicate effectively in a short amount of time. A lot of work was tedious ,but all of us got great on hand experience and enjoyed the struggles that came with it.

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posted an update

We Did it! We won second place at this years HackNC competition Overall. I just want to thank every one of my teammates for each contributing so much to the project. Everyone played a crucial part in our success and there could have been no better outcome.

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