Our core beliefs

We are spending more of our lives online. As global citizens of the internet, we must have two fundamental building blocks — financial sovereignty through DeFi and digital private property through NFTs. We believe Web3 will manifest itself by leveraging these two components. As native Web3 assets proliferate, they will require an intricate yet fluid relationship between DeFi and NFTs.

Who we are

Introducing DeFrag, a lending protocol for NFT owners to access instant liquidity. DeFrag allows you to use your NFTs as collateral. We rank the creditworthiness of your NFTs based on several factors to determine your collateral ratio.

Why we are different

The protocol automatically insures your NFT assets with a financial instrument called a Put Option. In other words, to receive a loan against your NFTs, the protocol purchases insurance on your behalf via Put Options.

Peer To Pool

DeFrag uses a Peer To Pool model which allows for borrowers to get instant liquidity on their NFT assets without having to wait for a counter-party to enter into a contract. Underwriters provide liquidity and earn premiums through the insurance fees collected from the sale of Put Options.

Raising the Underwriting Pool via Minting our Metamatician NFTs

In order to provide a frictionless borrowing experience, the protocol needs to raise liquidity to jump-start the liquidity pool that will underwrite the loans.

This is why we created the Metamatician NFT.

Metamaticians are randomly generated NFTs based on famous mathematicians. Minting proceeds will be deposited into the initial NFT underwriting pool giving each Metamatician a proportional stake in the LP. Subsequently, the NFT will be generating fees that are collected from the sale of Put Options (insurance on your NFTs).

What's next for DeFrag

We are launching DeFrag DAO, which will allow the community to accrue value and vote on how we can build the new financial ecosystem together.

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