Team lead: Brett Phares Team name: defocus VR Team lead mobile: 2129040257

Team members: Jon Cohrs Alec Ostrander Brett Phares

Category: Healthcare

Brief description: Defocus is an immersive, surreal experience that helps bed-bound patients manage their chronic pain through the combination of ambient media, biometric profile building and an eyegaze-based UI.

Location: third floor, E15-358, table number 50

Environment: Platform: Windows Universal Platform MR Headset, Android Development Tools: Unity 2017.2.0f2-MFRT, Ableton, WaveLab SDKs: HoloToolkit (Microsoft) APIs: Unity API,

Assets: Audio samples from Jon Cohrs; Environment assets built out of Unity with particle effects and post processing component or out of Unity Asset Store; Google Blocks models: “Purple Panda” by Diekus Gon; “bear” by Kazuya Noshiro; “Trees” by Kyle Dettman;

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