Not many of us may be able to extract much needed information out of a rectangular brick. This unassuming looking brick is also an entrance to a world of distractions. One moment we might be scrolling through our twitter feed, the next we might be picking up a call. This brick is a phone, or the more aptly name, the smart phone.

We have came up with this solution, DeFocus. By pulling data stored in an SQL database (in the phone), we display the information on an external display.

Only the most precious of this information would be displayed. This display could be positioned anywhere you want, as it is a separate entity from the smart phone, be it in the kitchen, living hall or your bedroom.

Every time an alert comes in, the product would be set abuzz. Not only that, it comes with a vibration motor which would help in alerting the hearing impaired. You would be able to be immediately notified and get to task.

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