Marriage is tough and can be hard to navigate alone. Unfortunately, marriage counseling can be expensive or seem too out of the way. Fortunately, we provided the solution: a surface level analysis of your marriage based on 54 questions answered by spouses in the past.

What it does

The program uses logistical regression and gradient descent algorithms in order to predict the outcome of marriage.

How We built it

We imported data from an excel spreadsheet into python matrices and manipulated them from there.

Challenges We ran into

Determining the meaning of complex mathematical expressions. The algorithms we found were a completely new field of computer science to us, so we all had to start from square one.

Accomplishments that We're proud of

Understanding the math. There were plenty of formulas to understand that we had to translate into code. It was one thing researching the proper way to use newfound mathematical expressions, and another to implement them.

What We learned

What's next for Defining Destiny: Delineation of Divorce Data

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