I have used the defi applications like inverse finance and know they work . I imagined if idle is integrated in these applications , the APY could increase dramatically and could have major impact in Defi

What it does

The application has vaults such as USDC-ETH vault. User deposits the underlying asset such as USDC. The vault is connected to the idle strategy and the assets are deposited into the idle pools and rewards are distributed to the user . The platform doesn't have to worry about the strategies as idle does this automatically

How we built it

We wrote the Smart contracts for vaults , idlestrat , the native token of the app. We deployed them to kovan testnet as idle uses Kovan as testnet. We are still in the process of developing the front-end but the smart contracts work

Challenges we ran into

There were many challenges. One of them was to actually connect the idle with vault contract and how the platform would work like rewards distribution etc.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We got the smart contracts working and the vaults contracts are connected to idle strategy contract

What we learned

We learned about how idle works and how the vault could use the idle tech

What's next for Defi with Idle Finance

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