1 As human beings we gravitate towards social events. Sometimes the events we want to attend are too difficult to get access too due to scalpers, bots, and fake tickets.
(needs edit) We are social beings that like to attend events where there is common ground among attendees. ( ticket resale option)

What it does

2 NFTickets aims to enhance the ticket purchase and resale market experience. By leveraging Celo’s mobile first ideology we provide users with an application on their phone that can track the lifecycle of a ticket from start to finish. The existing system for this is flawed by scalpers, fraudulent tickets, and sometimes cumbersome will call paper tickets. NFTickets’ goal is to help provide equal access to concerts, shows, and events by leveraging the public blockchain anyone can use, applying the blockchain security to ticket, and enhancing the resale marketplace.

How we built it

3 Android Studio Backend: Mongo or SQL IFPS or sort of file storage mechanism for the NFT

Challenges we ran into


Accomplishments that we're proud of


What we learned


What's next for NFTickets


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