The problem faced by users using most dashboard applications is that they cannot perform swapping and/or communicate with others about their views on the same application. I wanted to solve this problem with this dapp.

What it does

Defi-swap-dashboard is your one-stop destination to take stock of the crypto market, view the latest trends in the market, and swap tokens - for ETH and/or between available tokens. There is a decentralised chat system available which helps anyone put up their views - verbally and stating whether a particular user is bullish or bearish on particular crypto.

How we built it

I used Next.js and tailwind CSS along with solidity to build the application. I used Moralis for the backend server and DB. The smart contracts are deployed on Polygon chain. I used CoinMarketCap API to get relevant details about the crypto market.

Challenges we ran into

Understanding new technologies, using the API, setting up a server.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Real-time data fetching, displaying the data on an easy to understand dashboard, make swapping possible between tokens, and made a decentralised chat system which helps users communicate their views with each other.

What we learned

This was my first solo hackathon, and working on the entire application alone was a new experience. I learnt the different aspects of development, new frameworks and adapting to learning and using new technologies.

What's next for Defi - Swap - Dashboard

  • The application will soon be deployed on the Polygon mainnet.
  • Support more tokens for swapping.
  • A decentralised exchange will be set up which can help users purchase and/or trade crypto.
  • Developing an Options trading protocol, to help users trade derivatives on crypto.
  • NFT trading will soon be available on the Defi-Swap-Dashboard. The goal is to make this dapp the destination for traders on web3.0.

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