People like lending out their crypto assets to earn a yield. It takes effort to find the best lend/borrow rates for your assets as there are many fragmented platforms.

What it does

  • Connects to your wallet
  • Sources the best rates from Maker, Compound and Dydx
  • Displays the potential effect compound interest could have on your assets

How I built it

  • Pulled data from Compound, Dydx and Maker APIs
  • Used web3-react for wallet interactions

Challenges I ran into

  • Solo hacking
  • Shouldn't have used a server. Wanted to offload work from the front end and offer sign in with coinbase, but didn't have time to finish and ended up with a useless point of centralization
  • Lots of data normalizing/transforms

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  • It mostly works

What I learned

  • First time I soloed at a hackathon. Will go back to working with a team next time

What's next for DeFi-Front

  • Lots of refactoring :)
  • Change data fetching approach
  • Link out to protocols

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