Investing in a lot of defi ended up being either RUG or contract loopholes that led to losses. Second, investors lost confidence, and eventually the project lost its vitality and even resulted in death.

What it does

Code is the law, and the law sometimes has loopholes, so the code will also have bugs. If we can focus on the customer instead of the interests of our own team when designing products, maybe the model will be fairer and improve investors. Confidence

How we built it

Learned a lot of stable and well-known defi projects, watched and studied their codes and patterns, and what enlightenment they got from their handling methods, methods and consequences after bugs appeared

Challenges we ran into

3, 3 models and the exploration of the risk-return ratio of the number of layers of leverage There is no data to compare

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Create a great defi product

What we learned

The ultimate fate of DEFI is death or the greatest financial product of the new century

What's next for DEFI evolution

I don't know, I'm trying my best to explore.I don't know, I'm trying my best to explore and think. I hope I can gain something and be inspired by this competition. Thank you for giving such a good platform and opportunity.

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