In our stressful, merciless world, defined by a work culture that consumes all of our waking hours, we've seen depression rates grow to no end. These problems of anxiety and sadness are awfully widespread - we likely all know at least dozens of people who feel down on a regular basis - and extremely detrimental.

Hackathons are opportunities for us to solve issues in the world. For us to code for good. So we wondered, what's a way we can make people happier?

We then remembered a study from a few years ago, in which it was proven by scientists that petting dogs results in a spike in endorphin levels, making you feel good instantaneously. Eureka! Dogs! Of course! The ultimate organic, all-natural anti-depressant.

Thus, we decided to make an app that allows you to find dogs near you that are available to be petted. You can also share your own dog (if you have one) so other people can pet him/her! (We called it Watch4Dogs ;) ). It's kind of like Tinder + Pokemon Go + Nintendogs.

So... how do you use this app? Users make an account to access the dog data and upload their own dog data. It's kind of similar to how you would use social media. The data is stored on a server so that different users can see each others' dogs. Updates happen in realtime. The app is designed to be simple, because we believe that we don't need any more overcomplicated things in our lives. It uses the Google Maps API, and it displays markers only for dogs that are available for petting at the time of usage of the app. It also detects your location using LocationListener and puts a marker on the map for it. Users can see the names of the dogs, their breeds, and the window of time they are available for. They can also go to the Google Maps app to find directions to their desired dog.

We went into this project knowing little Java and no Android. We're extremely proud to have made an app of this scale with our limited skills!

We will add more functions in the future. We hope that this app brings joy to people around the world and we're excited to launch it once it becomes more polished!

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