Tanay Biradar, Riley Kong, Ritvik Pandey, Siddharth Nath

Def Hacks 2020

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Every year, "roughly 1.3 billion tons of food, worth nearly $1 trillion, spoils or is thrown away" (Wernick, PRI). At the same time, "11.1 percent (14.3 million) households experience food shortages at some time during a year" (USDA).

By eliminating food waste, we can provide food to people who need it the most and simultaneously help the environment in the process by conserving natural resources.

Saucer is a solution to food waste by recommending users suitable recipes based on the items they already have.

To start, input ingredients you have in the kitchen and their expiry dates. With this information, Saucer intelligently recommends recipes that use those ingredients. You can also use the voice recognition feature to conveniently add an ingredient.

All of this is wrapped up in a user-friendly website which incorporates Material design and is streamlined to bring a clear recipe.


$ yarn install  # installs dependencies
$ yarn serve    # compiles/hot-reloads for development
$ yarn build    # compiles/minifies for production
$ yarn lint     # lints/fixes files


You must add 2 credentials (for Firebase and Spoonacular respectively) in src/creds.


Add the following code to src/creds/firebase.js:

export default {
  firebaseConfig: {
    apiKey: "API_KEY",
    authDomain: "AUTH_DOMAIN",

including your API key and other information specified by the Firebase console.


Add the following code to src/creds/spoonacular.js, along with your API key:

export default {
  key: "API_KEY"

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