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Have you ever gone to the doctor and almost forgot why you were there? You can’t seem to recall when your symptoms occurred or how severe they were? Well it happens to us and then right after we leave the office it all comes rushing back to us. We say no more, with our application MedHero.

Short Description

MedHero is a web application that allows users to register & login to their account and track the medications they are taking and the symptoms they have. This allows the user to keep an updated list of all their medications, makes it easy to track if and when they took their medication, and also allows them to track their symptoms. This application is meant for anyone to use regardless of age and there are a variety of features to keep everyone happy.


  • Dashboard: The Dashboard has a useful overview of all current medications and the last five medication logs. This lets users see what medication they took recently and a short list of all the Medications they are taking
  • Medication Tracking: The application has a page for the overview of all current medications. The user can create medications and view the current medication and the following stats for each medication: what the medication is treating, common side effect of the medication, dosage, and whether the medication is taken in the morning, midday, evening, at bedtime, or any combination of the four. Another page allows the user to track their Medication Log. They can see the date, time, and number of doses that they took.
  • Symptom Tracking: The user can log their symptoms, date, severity, and duration. They can also update the symptoms they want to track and view all their logs. Symptom tracking is useful to know if the medication is working, monitor possible side effects, and identify new symptoms that are developing, perhaps indicating a new disease/disorder/ailment. Often people are not aware that they are experiencing side effects and should explore other options. Furthermore, it tells the patient if it is a side effect or a sign or another medical issue.
  • Graphical Data: The logs are displayed graphically for easier viewing and to see trends.
  • Medication Reminders: be reminded to take your medications if they haven't been logged
  • My Heros: The My Heros page is a social aspect to this application. It allows the user to add friends, family members, and their doctors to the app. The user can then chose to share certain information with them. The user can enable notifications to friends to remind the user to take their medications. The user can see friends current symptoms to understand what they are going through and be better to help them out. The doctor can monitor the medications and symptoms of their patient. Are you far away from a loved one and want to make sure they are staying healthy? Add them to your network and create a community of caring!
  • Achievements: Want to be patted on the back for being healthy and see your statistics! Who doesn't? The achievements page will further motivate the user to stay healthy and use the app.

Accomplishments That We're Proud Of!

Getting so far in developing our prototype!

What's Next For MedHero

  • Improve the UI/UX
  • Add more security
  • Finish developing the social aspect and achievements
  • Make more data analytic tools available
  • Opt in for research purposes
  • Setup reminders with email and text using an API like twilio
  • Domain and Web Hosting
  • Android/IOS/Microsoft Applications
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