We were inspired when one of our teammates kept forgetting checking the weather in the morning and got caught in the rain without an umbrella. Therefore we thought, what about an application that sends necessary information to the user about the day? The most natural form this took was our application Deffro.

What it does

Deffro is a web application that allows you to set a time for an alarm. At the given time Deffro, which is the Welsh translation for “wake up!”, will give you a wake up call and then proceed to text you all the necessary information to start your day including: weather information, top news headlines, and the events from your google calendar for the day.

How we built it

We used Yahoo Weather, Google Calendar, and the New York Times Top Stories APIs to retrieve the necessary data. Twilio was used in order to send the text messages and calls to the user's phone. And the application itself was built in Python using the Flask framework. To style the front end, we used HTML/CSS, and created graphics via Photoshop.

Challenges we ran into

Since the application was created in different parts in its own separate application, putting all of the separate parts together was a challenge. OAuth2 verification with the Google API turned out to be a large struggle as well.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Getting past all of the challenges we ran into. We're also proud of how aesthetically pleasing the application turned out to be.

What we learned

Google API is not very user-friendly at all. Need to have better communication between subgroups so that we have less difficulty putting together the different parts in the end.

What's next for deffro

Connecting to devices such as Alexa in order to deliver information without the need for making phone calls.

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