There are many problems with water. From its quality to its quantity. In the world, many people suffer from lack of water.

Our project promotes the trend of protecting the good quality of water and its availability to all people. In our opinion, all people have the right to access water in their homes.

During the war, the destruction of filter stations, the poisoning of reservoirs should be equated with especially grave war crimes.

The developers of the project are also people who suffer from water shortages due to military operations in Ukraine.

Our project is a website that talks about water problems, statistics, stories, it's all here.

In the telegram bot you can find a lot of information on protection, water statistics.

During the hackathon, we learned 3d modeling, javascript, html, some python,

Show how many of those who support our thoughts and ambitions - click on the "Defend" button. In the future, it would be possible to attract sponsors who would give certain money per click, which could be sent to build water pumps in Africa. There is a donate button in the telegram, if there are sponsors in the future, then we will open a charitable account in the Bank and upload the details

Just the feature of our logo is the inscription with the symbol ";" because our ambitions are not limited only to the protection and provision of water. If the project goes further, what could be the creation of a project for the protection of the nature of the earth, which would manage such small projects as ours and help developers to help those in need. But the most important creature in need at the moment is the earth. Think!

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