There are many children who are struggling with mathematics all over the world. And I have taught some of them who can’t really solve very simple math questions. Through teaching these children, I came to think "words" are not effective for them. They need to learn abstract mathematics concept more visually and tangibly. So I decided to use a game to help them.

However, it is still difficult to find well-designed educational game. There are either those that focus on “game” so much as to have little educational effect or conversely those that focus on “education” so much as to be no longer enjoyable.

Combined academic knowledge about education I'm studying in University with knowledge about game I got in Make School, I made outstanding educational game.

What it does

'Defeat Algebra' is an educational tower defense strategy game to learn the basic concept of algebra. This game is designed to be challenging as a strategy game for anyone whether or not mastering algebra, but as an educational game it's for kids who have never learned Algebra to get to grasp the concept of it without any complicated instructions.

In the game, you must defeat all enemies, which is named 'Algebra Robot', approaching to your town to destroy. Each of them has its own variable expression. When they attack, they will punch and move for the length that is changed according to their variable expression. So to defeat them, you have to predict exact place each enemies would come by understanding the meaning of variable expression.

How I built it

I built it with sprite-kit using swift

Challenges I ran into

I truly realized it's hard to integrate educational elements and fun elements by making it in real. Actually, I firstly made a sort of action game but same concept of game, but I found it so boring and changed the game to strategy game.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I overcame the challenge above and put education and gun game together successfully.

What I learned

I can't truly know what the product looks like until I actually make it. After making it, you could get more chance to improve it.

What's next for Defeat Algebra

Actually, I have more idea about educational tips to put into the game. So I will do it. Also, level design is not good enough now, so I'm planning to separate the game to two modes, easy and hard. The former is for children, the latter is for those who have already master algebra. I will conduct some research in real school about how this game can help children struggling with math.

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