Android's configurability allows its users to set default apps for multiple categories. Say the user doesn't want to use Android's native maps app, they can choose so. iOS isn't as friendly with its users.

What Default Does

Defaults provides an SDK for iOS developers to help them easily open apps that the user may want to use. However, if the user has the Defaults app, he or she can configure his or her preference of app for categories that the SDK provides. For example, the user can choose to use Google Maps over Apple Maps in his or her settings.

From that point onward, any app that utilizes the Defaults SDK will then open the user's choice of app (Google Maps) whenever navigation is involved.

If the user does not have Defaults the app will then open Apple Maps (the native app for navigation).

How we built it

Swift, iOS, and a ton of URL Schemes. Hours of designing and testing. Visit our booth at the expo for specifics!

Challenges we ran into

URL schemes aren't well documented. At all.

What's next for Defaults

Hopefully, integration into a lot of apps so that a lot of apps can take advantage of the usability that Defaults enables iOS to have.

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