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DeFacto is more than just a database, it's an open, RESTful web API that utilizes machine learning techniques and fantastic APIs such as Microsoft Cognitive Services to help everyday users to determine whether or not news sources are credible.
DeFacto also collects helpful data about news sources that can be used for data analysis, tracking, and machine learning training models via user generated fact-checking and article ranking.

  • Actively collects information on credible and non-credible sources/articles
  • Machine learning and Natural Language Processing (NLP) combine to inform users about the content their reading intuitively.
  • Changes credibility values based on user input Because you shouldn't find out your 'credible' news sources aren't credible after the fact. DeFacto -- Get The Facts, Yo.
    Check out (some of) the API and JS library documentation below


DeFacto's RESTful API can provide useful information such as:

  • Truthfulness rating on articles
  • User submitted fact checks
  • Satire rating
  • Article sentiment (A rating of the article's positivity)
  • And more...


baseURL : /api/

Endpoint API
Method Description Params/Body
GET Returns a list of recently uploaded articles
limitThe number of articles to return per page
pageThe page to return
sortThe field used to sort results. Possible values: "rating"
orderThe order results are sorted in. Possible values: "asc", "desc"
rgeOnly return articles with rating greater than or equal to a value
POST Creates a new article
titleArticle Title
AuthorsComma seperated list of authors
siteName/Url of website article was found on
urlURL of article
commentsComments that should be included with the new article
publishedArticle publication date
Method Description Params/Body
GET Searches for an article by its url in the database
urlThe url of the article to be searched. The url must be escaped or uri encoded.
PUT Searches for an article by its url in the database and if found uploads it as a comment.
CommentThe comment text
AuthorThe author of the comment


Sites Response

    // title of website
    title : String,
    // url of website
    url : String,
    // website description
    descr : String,
    // search url for site
    search_url : String,
    // type of website bias
    bias : String,
    // whether or not the website is satire
    isSatire : Boolean,
    // average rating for website's credibility
    rating : Number,
    // for selecting information (?) 
    selectors : [{field : String, selector : String}],


    // title of article
    title : String,
    // author(s) of article
    authors: [String],
    // summary of article
    summary : String,
    // website article comes from
    site : {
        type : String,
        ref : 'Site'
    // url of article
    url : String,
    // rating of particular article
    rating : Number,
    // article keywords
    keywords : [String],
    // user-moderated content on particular article
    comments : [{author : String, comment : String}],
    // date article was published
    published: {
        type: Date


DeFacto's JS library allows you to interact with our API easily. Documentation coming soon.

Chrome Extension

The DeFacto Chrome Extension utilizes DeFacto.js as well as the RESTful API to provide user-contributed fact checking to every website as well as to provide data to DeFacto's database.


  • Express + MongoDB
  • Miscrosoft Cognitive Services
  • SMMRY Algorithm
  • Hosted on AWS Elastic Beanstalk
  • Domain Name from
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