Often college students do not have immediate access to professional healthcare; even when we have opportunities to attend therapy sessions and appointments, it takes time in advance to schedule. As we deal with a lot of life-changing experiences in college, we also become in tune with more powerful emotions that require immediate attention, in some form. In the moment, strong emotions can be overwhelming and cloud our judgement. With De-escalate, we want to help the user practice exercises that can bring their emotions down to a stable and manageable state.

What it does

De-escalate provides a daily emotion log for the user and engages with them through meaningful activities. For heightened negative emotions, it guides the user through exercises to de-escalate their elevated feelings to a more manageable level. When the user is feeling positively, De-escalate will guide them through questions that evoke thoughtful reflection on their day to encourage long-term positive thinking. It shows a monthly overview of the user's feelings and allows them to view previous logs with the corresponding exercises performed.

How we built it

1 - Considered what would be useful to be consolidated into an app to promote mindful care of one's mental health. 2 - Drew a wireframe of the user flow. 3 - Modeled and prototyped the app using Figma. Had to think about the process flow and intelligently use white space or lack thereof. 4 - Used React to build the app.

Challenges we ran into

We all have little to no experience with React, so there was a large learning curve, especially when it came to app development. While two of us had some knowledge of HTML/CSS in regards to web development, the disparity in difficulty between vanilla HTML/CSS and React particularly for web vs. mobile application was very difficult for us to overcome. With the limited time frame, we were only able to create 3-4 pages of the actual application, only for the iPhone 11 Pro.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The idea for our application is one that we are all very happy with, and our Figma looks pretty good. We also learned a lot in terms of React, and in terms of developing a product.

What we learned

We learned a lot about using React and what it takes to make an app. This was all of our first hackathon, and we learned how to create a product from end-to-end, from product design to implementation.

What's next for Deescalate

We'd like to finish the app and make it possible to use on multiple platforms (i.e. responsiveness). It would also be good to be able to flesh out more methods of deescalating emotions.

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