I love to design and develop games. Since childhood I had a great desire to develop games. I am studying about games and game industry in my spare time, even my job completely different from game industry.

What it does

This is just a simple game and the user needs to move the character of the game using arrow keys or touchscreen. The user needs to press any arrow key or touch the screen and the character starts moving by itself. user needs to change the direction with arrow key.

How I built it

I used WebGL and Three.js because it is new technology and the game is very light to load. Moreover, this game has scalable and can be played in different screen sizes. I make the models in Blender modeling engine and then export all into JSON file and then import those JSON files in the html and three.js.

Challenges I ran into

I face numerous challenges. One of it was the technology still new and not many learning materials for it. The game physics is very difficult to implement and I was not able to make the game as a multiplayer game. Also, score saving of game is not could not be implemented.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I am proud that I start doing and designing. I stopped planning and I start executing. Most of my friends are still in talking stage. I am proud that I come to execution stage.

What I learned

I learnt Blender modeling, html and Javascript. Also, I learn what games are popular and what is the most important things to make games and attract users to play the game.

What's next for Deer Unlimited Run

I will continue developing this game, It need to be multiplayer, graphics needs to be enhanced, Scoring must be implemented and users can compete each other and use the Facebook community to make a social game.

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