What inspired the team is a quote "Whiskey Is for Drinking; Water Is for Fighting Over". So we know the importance of water

What it does

DeepWater is a mobile app that allows farmers to irrigate their fields without any expensive equipment. It uses NASA satellite data, weather data and topography to predict daily amount of water needed. that rely on a simple water balance and evapotranspiration calculation as intermediate steps. This level of preciseness can translate to savings of tens of thousands of gallons of water for just an acre of land. Finally, this technology has been encapsulated into an easy-to-use lightweight smartphone application. These are necessities for the widespread proliferation of irrigation management technology around the world, especially to small farmers who cannot afford soil moisture sensors or other irrigation management technology.

How we built it

Android Studio, NASA Earthdata, Weather API

Challenges we ran into

collect enough agriculture dataset

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We Created a full prototype application just in two dayes

What we learned

How to work in a group under pressure

What's next for DeepWater

Create a real time prediction app, Target farmers in all developing countries

Built With

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