Do you want to become a rapper but you don't have the time to write the lyrics? Do you want to discover your creative soul and write few Haikus but you are overloaded with the coursework? We want to introduce you to DeepLyrics, a modern way to become the artist with no effort! Our app uses Recurrent Neural Network to learn the how to create a song from different artists. Our available options include Eminem, Shakespeare, Kanye, Haiku and Shakespeare-Kanye mix

How we built it

Reccurent Neural Network was used to create the Machine Learning model to learn the song styles of each artists. We used the RNN implementation made by Sam Ballas which is available here: The server was created on Express.js which calls python scripts to generate the songs. It was hosted on DigitalOcean.

Challenges I ran into

Everything went fairly smoothly. There were few problems with using different Python versions and integrating the app.

What's next for DeepLyrics

Extending various choices of artists

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