DeepBrainz is an AI startup with an international team that developed a SaaS multi-cloud software containing an end-to-end automated AI platform for diagnostics, forecasting, monitoring and genomics analytics of Sars-Cov2. This innovative solution will be suitable both for the computers as well as mobile phones (kindly note that the app will be developed after the first pilot was tested).

All these different phases and modules are thought to be utilised by the most suited authority: from hospitals to private clinics, the WHO, the European Commission, ministries of health and defence and others. The current working MVP is producing results with an accuracy level of 97%. The platform can produce faster, more accurate, transparent, secure and cheaper diagnostics via medical imaging (ex. X-rays), forecasting, monitoring and genomics analytics of Covid-19. This type of technology can be scaled to any other illnesses as well (ex. cancer).

The end goal is to save more lives thanks to this new technology and our team’s expertise. We are actively looking for a serious partner that will start a pilot with us in about two-three weeks’ time. We will be most than grateful to any authority in the healthcare and government system that will work with us in customizing our ML/AI platform for countries’ specific needs in the context of a global pandemic and health emergency.

Presentation visible here:

Built With

  • python;-r;-tensorflow;-pytorch;-xgboost;-scikit-learn;-nvidia-clara;-nvidia-parabricks;-amazon-sagemaker;-ibm-watson;-gcp-and-its-ai/ml-&-tpu-iot-tools
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