Problem of even the lastest VR-technologies is our physical connection to real world. We are making virtual reality touchable.

What it does

A crossplatform, lowcosted VR controller with tactile force feedback in final, a robot hand with felt force feedback.

How we built it

Based on arduino and step-motor-driver plugin - based demo, which is runing on cardboard VR and gives a demo with a 3d printed robot hand, which is controled in real life, but could touch (and could run into object) in VR.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Full force feedback (it must be feeled)

What we learned

Team work, arduino, step motor driver conrols.

What's next for Deep VR

Building a full exosceleton-like controller for human body, making a propiretary controller (against arduino), runing controller into market.

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